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Podcast #2: Have You Been “Uglified”?

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (coming to the movie screens as well) C. S. Lewis describes the visit to a land of invisible people. They had come to the conclusion that the Ruler of the land had “uglified” them, so they decided they were better off being invisible. Has this happened to you?

Have you been unappreciated, even made fun of for your looks, your personality? Horrified, shamed and angry, did you decide to hide or to present a front, pretending to be someone who might get some love and approval?

You don’t deserve to be uglified. You don’t have to be ashamed. There is something better than invisibility and pretend. Let me bless your spirit to be as loved and beautiful as God created you to be. Listen with the inner person who shines through the outer appearance.

Just listen quietly. Maybe listen more than once. Say “yes” to God’s Words that Touch. Let them touch your heart with His love.

Listen: Have You Been “Uglified”?

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