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My Spirit is a Gazelle

The Grace of a Gazelle
I was speaking to the Lord about obstacles in the relationship between us. It is easier to feel dissatisfied and frustrated than to know how the Lord sees the goal of my cleansing and healing. So I asked, “What do you want my spirit to be like?”  What I was shown was nimbleness, moving confidently and lightly. I remembered as a boy crossing a flowing stream by leaping from stepping stone to stepping stone. If I saw a possible route using the rocks and logs, I had to launch myself confidently, allowing my mind and body working together to find a way across. If I overthought the next step and hesitated, I got wet feet. But by confidently flowing and leaping I not only kept dry but I had great joy in nimbleness, “flying” through the air!
This then is the joy and flexibility the Lord is giving my human spirit. I love it! My spirit is a gazelle.

My Spirit is a Gazelle.

My eyes look up;

I breathe the Breath of God;

Leaping, I know no stumbling.

My eyes see launching pads;

My feet refuse to stick;

Because I’m following the scent

of freedom.

When I am dry, I pant

for the Waters of Life;

Drinking I watch

for I am not alone:

I am one with my leaping kind;

We dance in the wind.

My spirit is like God:

We move,

We rejoice,

We are sure,

We have left Enemies in the dust.

The horizon is our home.

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