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God wants Heaven on Earth and so do we

At Life Connections International, Inc., we have begun to publish books and audio CDs to encourage and inform the Body of Christ.

Postcards from Heaven: Heaven imagined and reported is built on the Bible accounts and adventures of Christians in the Heavenly Realm the Lord God calls home. As we look up, we are motivated to obey and suffer and worship and encourage. Everything we do here on Earth in response to the Spirit of God directing us will have glorious results forever.

You can look forward to a parade of people who love you. Then the Lord Jesus will announce you to His Father and you can enjoy the intimacy that has only begun here on Earth. The overwhelming orchestra and chorus will surround you as you sing and dance with the angels. At training school you will learn the skills needed after the Lord Jesus returns back to this planet with His heavenly armies.

Martin’s creative adventure to explore and report what happens to believers after death


The story is an encouragement to believers needing hope and perseverance. It’s a comfort to those grieving the passing of a loved one. For those who have only heard vague tales of clouds and harps, this depiction will startle by descriptions of the beauty and fascination of God’s Home.

You can order the book at As an introductory offer, insert the discount code JEDYP7BJ for $1.00 off the regular price of $12.95.

Let your human spirit soak in the blessings from Psalms

Our God-created human spirits respond to God’s spoken words in the Bible. Most often we process the Bible with our minds, trying to understand and use it in our lives. This is a life-long learning process. For 20 years I studied God’s Word to tell people in my congregations what they could do for God. Now I study the Word to tell people what God wants to do for them.

You can order Blessings from the Book of Psalms, volumes 1 and 2, for $15.00 plus shipping, and God’s Love Story from Eternity for $10.00 plus shipping.

Just send an email to [email protected] with your name and address. Send us your check at Life Connections Media, 657 So. Hurstbourne Parkway, Apt. 259, Louisville, KY 40222.

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