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The Man Who Gave Up Everything for Love

He said it himself, “If a man were to give up all the comforts and luxuries of home for love, he would be greatly despised.” That’s how it went down.

He said it himself, “If a man were to give up all the comforts and luxuries of home for love, he would be greatly despised.” That’s how it went down.

Would a king give up his throne for love? We know it did happen in England. In 1936 King Edward VIII abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson, a rather scandalous society woman, the first woman featured as Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year.” Indeed Edward became Duke of Windsor, despised by many for immorality before marriage and for compromising his royal heritage. At the end of her life, Wallis lamented, “You have no idea how hard it is to live out a great romance.”

Even the King of England could not elevate his beloved to the status of royalty, but there is a king who gave up every comfort for his Beloved, endured her rejection, then in spite of all odds was able to elevate her to royalty and to maintain a love relationship that would not wear out, but would get better for all time.

Such a love story must start in the ultimate furnace where unbearable ardor is forged. Gripping, yet giving, love without beginning builds an exchange that cannot be contained. Sustained by divine fire, surrounded by glorious joy and unbroken faithfulness, the Prince of Heaven looked at his Promised Bride, prepared by his Perfect Father. Unfettered communion, eye-to-eye transparency of Father and Son would not conceal the cost of winning back a Creature so lovely, so talented, so powerful, who had snipped off the gossamer rope of trust. In the midst of God’s Garden, the Serpent had stolen the keeper’s heart and with it, had received the wonderful blue planet of life. How could the Prince win the heart of his companion’s lost sharing and confidence?

How could humankind reject the generous provider for the selfish rebel, who could give them nothing he had not stolen? Yet we men and women did that and have sided with the Enemy, mistaking our divine Lover for a religious control freak and relabeling the Prince of Darkness our liberator, the revealer of secrets.

Unknown to us, unexpected by any human speculation, the Prince paid the cost. He left the joy, the comfort, the safety, the love of home to be a vulnerable child, open to assassination by the Enemy. Never before had such a prince shed immortality for love, to gain a fickle lover already sold out to his rival. No one knew him as prince. They despised him as a poor idealist, gathering the rabble by stunts of healing, defying those in the know. The whole thing could not have a happy ending. For a while it didn’t. The victims of the Enemy’s power became his willing accomplices and killed the King of Glory. Some love story! But this Lover is like no other. His Father had a plan.

Rejection satisfied the price of a human soul, even bought back all our human souls, in God’s eyes. The Prince was worth more than us all, all of us together. It wasn’t our rejection, it was his Father’s acceptance that opened closed persons to the love they no longer felt, but still wanted. Many waters cannot wash away this love. The fires of love burn bright in the oceans of heaven. It turns out the grip of jealous love is not only equal to the unyielding power of the grave, but could actually overpower death itself.

Love had won, death had lost. Now the wooing would infiltrate the darkened souls of lovers unloved, longing for that Someone, that Someone they had been created for. The unyielding passion of the Prince for his Bride has been revealed. The love story is true. Your Prince has come. Let yourself be loved, rebuild that broken bridge of faith. He will light your fire. Go with him wherever he is, on earth, back home: open hearts, eternal fire, eternal rest.

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