Insight Poems of the spirit

My Spirit is a Gazelle

I was speaking to the Lord about obstacles in the relationship between us. It is easier to feel dissatisfied and frustrated than to know how the Lord sees the goal of my cleansing and healing. So I asked, “What do you want my spirit to be like?”  What I was shown was nimbleness, moving confidently […]

Guest Contributions Insight

A Mother’s Greatness

This thrilling vision of the spiritual power of mothers came through a homeschoolers’ email network. Sharon’s and my spirits rose up in joy as we read this woman’s mighty statement of who she is and of the greatness of every woman. I made copies to share with A Woman’s Resource Center here in Louisville, hoping […]

Christian Activities

Men and the Beat of Their Drums

Turkish armies steamrolled eastern Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, led by large troops beating drums and trumpeting loudly their foregone victory. African drums call up the gods (demons) of their tribes, whipping celebrants into religious, sexual ecstasy. Western Christianity has shied away from the power of drumming, until now. (Some churches still debate the acceptability of guitars in worship! Once we let in the guitars, can drums be far behind?)

Bible Meditations

Beautiful Warrior: A Meditation on Psalm 45

The Psalmist is swept up by the beauty of the King, who is a warrior, who is a judge, who is a bridegroom. This reveals some of the glories of the Lord Jesus Christ.