Praying is like writing a Letter to God

On April 9th, the movie Letters to God premieres in 800 theaters across America.

Letters to God is the true story about 8 year-old Tyler, who wrote letters addressed to God. These letters were Tyler’s way of praying; it was his way of talking with God about the things that were really important to him and about the things that he had questions. These letters didn’t only help Tyler deal with facing cancer but also worked to change the faith of those closest to him.

Cancer makes us desperate. I have been praying desperately for a friend who had cancer, and the tumor died after a group of us prayed. Now we are believing for the “spots on his lungs” to be healed as well. We know God heals sickness, sometimes right away and other times over time. Encouragement keeps us praying and the struggle brings believers together to keep trusting and loving and praying.

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