Me, Going Forward

We can always change for the better

Someone once said, “It is the glory of human beings that they can change; it is the glory of God that He never changes.” We can always go from bad to better to continuous improvement. On the other hand, if God changed, the world would fall apart and there would be no trustworthy Savior, no Creator who dreams a great future for His children. I am one who strives to grow, to break out of the negative experiences of the past and my own negative perceptions. My biggest help has been my God and His Word, the Bible, together with positive people’s love and their books.

What we say about ourselves profoundly affects how we feel and how we behave. My own self-talk reinforces either the negative feelings from my reactions to things that happen; or the opposite, reinterpreting negative experiences and magnifying the positive events. At first I was trapped by melancholy and a critical spirit. I did not like it, even though it seemed inevitable.

I would even say that we develop a paradigm for ourselves that explains the world, how people see us, how we react to the world around us and how we see ourselves. A negative paradigm is crippling and makes us aggressive or depressive. (For a helpful psychology article click here.) Developing a positive outlook opens up the future and allows us to grow into someone we want to be and someone with loving relationships.

How can we test our paradigm? Is it true? Can we change what we declare over ourselves? My answer is yes. My greatest salvation comes from outside myself, from those who know me and love me and want me to be all I can be. Aside from my wife and friends, my most loving helper is my God.

A Shift in Perspective

At our Healing School we discussed who we are. Even if diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, diabetes or cancer, etc., we don’t have to say over ourselves, “I’m a diabetic; I’m a victim of Crohn’s; I’m a cancer patient.” Instead people came up with, “I’m a child of God; I am in God’s royal family; I’m a warrior fighting for health and God’s Kingdom.”

I was motivated to look at Bible personalities and see what they said over themselves. The Archangel Gabriel said to the father of John the Baptist, “I stand in the presence of God and am sent to bring you Good News.”

Peter declared, “I am an apostle of Jesus Christ, a fellow elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed.”

Paul also declared himself an apostle, sent by Jesus Christ, a “labourer together with God,” willing to look like a fool, but who comes with “mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God.”

My New Paradigm for Martin

How about Martin Van Horn, what do I declare over myself? My paradigm of inadequacy and insecurity is changing. God has more confidence in what He has done both for me and in me than I have. Now I am beginning to declare more of what God says over me. So this is what I came up with:

I am not under condemnation.

I am not under the Law of Sin and Death.

I am living under the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in Jesus and now is in me as well.

Satan is a thief: he can’t offer me anything. “Take your guilt, your accusation, your shame and fear and cowardice.”

“Holy Spirit, replace all that darkness with Your light. Come and give me guts of mercy.

“No more fear and unbelief, but now sensitive obedience, heeding the spoken word of the Lord for today, for my now situation. Fill my gut and my amygdala and my heart with courage and joy.”

“Heavenly Father, You rejoice for creating me, for redeeming me from death, for cleaning me up in glory and for my earthly destiny to come to know You and reveal You.”

“Satan, I am not under the curse. Jesus took my curses and nailed them to His Cross.”

I am in Abraham and under the Blessing of Abraham. I am a blessing to the nations. The Lord will give me increase.

God is not embarrassed about me. The Father is extremely impressed with His Son’s achievements in my life. He is perfectly confident in the Holy Spirit’s transforming work. His Word can explode into my life with heavenly reality at any time.

I have a great destiny ahead and life is adventure together with Jesus my companion, opening up to receive more of heaven and give it out to the people God brings into my life.

“Lord, I’m sorry for my limiting You by my view of myself. I have been too impressed with what I think. You deserve the credit for what You have done, so I am now agreeing with You about me. Thank you, Lord! The more I know You, the more I’m a better me.”

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