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Podcast #1: Relief from Grief

When we have lost something we grieve.

Many people I meet reveal an underlying sadness over their relationships. If the truth were known, we would see them grieving over lost parents by divorce, over lost hope by addiction, over lost dreams by disease or crime or poverty.

Grief is powerful but not popular. We want to “get over it.” Life goes on, but we carry a burden in our spirit and in our body anyway. This leads to depression, anger or sickness.

Pain where we looked for love and injustice where we expected “what’s right” lodge deep in our human spirits and we need relief. God is a Spirit and He knows us and He has comfort and strength to replace our grief.

I am not preaching and I’m not asking you to try harder. You’ve already tried thinking positive thoughts. What I am offering goes deeper, into your human spirit. God’s Spirit wants to come into your human spirit and give you divine life. The Heavenly Father sent His Son on a rescue mission to reach into our pain and injustice to give us His hope and power.

Listen to these short Words that Touch. I speak to your hidden grief God’s words of comfort and strength. I give you hope and relief by divine life-giving blessings.

Just listen quietly. Maybe listen more than once. Say “yes” to God’s Words that Touch.

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