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Psalm 23: A complete package for your spirit

Yesterday at a friend’s funeral the pastor read Psalm 23 and my spirit jumped to attention. Suddenly I realized all seven expressions of my spirit were nurtured and encouraged by some expression in David’s experience. So today I read through the psalm and asked my spirit what appealed to each of the seven portions. Many of us believe God has built our human spirits with seven aspects as His Spirit (Isaiah 11; Revelation 4) corresponding to the seven Redemptive Gifts in Romans 12:6-8.

Overall I realized the story describes a circle where the Shepherd leads David/me from where I am (the sheepfold is not mentioned) outward to provision then back to His Home.

  1. My Shepherd leads out (from wherever I was)
  2. He leads to (green pastures, quiet waters, restoration)
  3. He leads on (paths of righteousness)
  4. He leads through (valleys, evil, enemies)
  5. He walks beside (protecting and comforting)
  6. We feast (surrounded by enemies)
  7. He refreshes (my head, my cup)
  8. He surrounds (with good and grace)
  9. He leads me home (Yahweh’s House)

My spirit prophet rejoices in being in motion according to a plan.

My spirit servant is excited to join with Father in meeting needs (not alone but together, all taken care of in His plan).

My spirit teacher is satisfied by structure. There are paths to follow. There are walls to keep out evil, with light inside and darkness outside. Structure provides life and protects it. Father’s structure is not preoccupied by evil or fear (how to prevent or avoid, how to heal or counteract, how to analyze it and describe it), but rather occupied with good and grace.

My spirit exhorter enjoys never being alone, being in the company of The Strong One. I am fascinated with Him.

My spirit giver is relaxed in Father’s grand plan and all-encompassing provision. I rest in watching The Master at work.

My spirit ruler enjoys the flow of everyone and everything working together perfectly. I enjoy the teamwork. Ruler is confidently walking through every situation. I have the impression that my small confidence and willingness to fight/resist is totally synchronized with the huge confidence and weapons of Him who rules.

Spirit mercy admires watching The Master at work and is thrilled to have goodness and mercy for company everywhere I go. I can’t wait to arrive Home (Yahweh’s House) and experience all He has in store for us all.

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