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Spirit, not Syrup

Our God is a Personality. The God of the Bible, Jehovah, Yahweh, Adonai, has personality, likes and dislikes, plans and power, feelings and serenity. He sings (Zeph 3:17), He laughs (Ps 2:4), He likes surprises (Matt 24:36), He gets mad (Deut 6:15), and so on. What kind of face do you imagine when you think […]

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A Mother’s Greatness

This thrilling vision of the spiritual power of mothers came through a homeschoolers’ email network. Sharon’s and my spirits rose up in joy as we read this woman’s mighty statement of who she is and of the greatness of every woman. I made copies to share with A Woman’s Resource Center here in Louisville, hoping […]

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Healing Parable: “Ratatouille” movie

Remy, the gourmet chef rat in the movie “Ratatouille,” gives us a delightful parable of healing the human soul from dividedness.

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WOW, God’s search engine

I am overwhelmed at God’s attention to detail. Putting Jewish symbolism for the Hebrew alphabet together with revelation of how the Son of God became a man to bear sin, take the nails and crush the head of the Serpent, what do we have? The heavenly Father prepared the way for His Son and Jesus could explain how “Moses and all the prophets spoke of Him.” Let us worship Him. Let us trust Him in our details.


And in the Darkness Bind Us

“Three cans of beer used to be fun; now 12 cans and where’s the fun? I loved having a girlfriend, but now I can’t remember the last girl’s name. If it weren’t for pain, I wouldn’t feel alive any more.”

Why do we hear so much about young people committing suicide? Why are so many addicted, not just to chemicals but also to sex and excitement and danger?