Feature Podcasts

Podcast #3: Boring Yourself to Death?

I felt sad meeting a pleasant, helpful young man recently, who called our city full of art and music “boring.” Where are his dreams, his plans and aspirations? Are they frustrated and dead? Is it the city that’s boring, or is he boring? And you, are you bored? Could you be dead boring? Let me […]

Bible Meditations

Spirit, not Syrup

Our God is a Personality. The God of the Bible, Jehovah, Yahweh, Adonai, has personality, likes and dislikes, plans and power, feelings and serenity. He sings (Zeph 3:17), He laughs (Ps 2:4), He likes surprises (Matt 24:36), He gets mad (Deut 6:15), and so on. What kind of face do you imagine when you think […]