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Psalm 23: A complete package for your spirit

Yesterday at a friend’s funeral the pastor read Psalm 23 and my spirit jumped to attention. Suddenly I realized all seven expressions of my spirit were nurtured and encouraged by some expression in David’s experience. So today I read through the psalm and asked my spirit what appealed to each of the seven portions. Many […]


Psalm 103: The Excitement of Hearing God Speak

The Lord God has armies of angels and beloved children all waiting to hear Him speak and execute His Word. Psalm 103 embodies the enthusiasm of heaven and earth fulfilling God’s Word and rejoicing over His mighty acts. I call my blog “When He Speaks” because His Word has given life to me and I want to share my excitement with you.

Bible Meditations

Psalm 91: A Glimpse into the Unseen World

Psalm 91: An expanded literal translation from the Hebrew:
The one who settles in the shelter offered by the Most High to whomever runs in, will find lodging so close he’ll be under the shadow of The Almighty.